How it works

Three types of solution are proposed :

Solupêche offers summary descriptions of solutions to limit interactions between fishing activities and sensitive habitats and species. There are 3 types of solution :

  • Marketed solutions :

These are products that have proven their effectiveness and are available for purchase for use by fishermen. These pages propose different alternatives available on the market.

  • Solutions under research or development :

Some solutions are currently being researched or developed. Solupêche presents these prototypes currently being tested, as well as a progress report on this work.

  • Best practice recommendations :

These are virtuous behaviours recommended to limit interactions between fishing gear and sensitive habitats and species. The solutions proposed are tried and tested and documented.

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A constantly evolving site :

Solupêche is designed to keep pace with technological advances. The CNPMEM and the OFB carry out monitoring work to identify innovative solutions that will be added to the platform. The platform can therefore be used to promote the use of new devices available on the market, while informing professionals of ongoing research work.