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The origin of Solupêche : a partnership between the CNPMEM and the OFB

Solupêche was born out of a partnership agreement between the CNPMEM (Comité National des pêches maritimes et des Elevages Marins) and the OFB (Office Français de la Biodiversité).

The agreement stems from a desire to involve fishing professionals in the implementation of public maritime environmental policies, in particular through educational, training and information initiatives.

The CNPMEM is a professional organisation under private law in charge of public service mission, which regroups all professional fishermen and marine aquaculturists. It represents and defends their general interests in dealings with national and European public authorities, and participates in the management of fisheries resources as part of responsible fishing and sustainable development.

The OFB is a public administrative establishment, created by law no. 2019-773 of 24 July 2019, under the dual authority of the environment and agriculture ministries, which was set up to protect and restore biodiversity. Its mission is to support the implementation of public policies in the fields of knowledge, preservation, management and restoration of biodiversity in terrestrial, aquatic and marine environments. It provides support to public stakeholders, but also works in close partnership with socio-economic stakeholders. It also aims to reach out to the public and mobilise citizens to take action to protect biodiversity.

One of the aims of this partnership is to develop an online information platform for professionals :

Solupêche : A platform for limiting fishing interactions with sensitive habitats and species.

Solupêche presents existing solutions or those currently being developed, as well as suggestions for virtuous practices in terms of limiting accidental catches or limiting interactions with environments/habitats : description of devices, installation, implementation, effectiveness, maintenance, where to buy equipment, etc. This platform is open-ended and will incorporate any new solutions enabling professionals to pursue sustainable fishing by applying tools and practices that are increasingly protective of biodiversity and the environment.